Day 35 - Work!

It took a bit longer than I would have thought, but I've now started working on my first project. I've been told by many other ThoughtWorkers that the first time on the beach is almost always the longest, and that beach time is fairly rare thereafter. I also think I made the most of my time on the beach. I spent most of my time doing research on various technologies, and working on a side project for a friend of mine. I should have more to say on the side project at a later date. I'm still working on figuring out a few last things before I push it out into the wider world, but I definitely want to get it out soon. Now then, back to project stuff!

It's pretty interesting so far. This is actually the first work we've done for this client, so it's a shorter engagement and very narrowly focused. They want to get a sense for how we work, and they want to know if we can make a difference for them. Once we deliver results and show them that we can indeed make a difference, they'll likely extend our contract a good deal longer.

Right now our focus revolves around Search Engine Optimzation for a mostly javascript based website. It didn't actually occur to me before now that Google's crawler doesn't execute javascript. So depending on how much of your site's content is dynamically created via JS, Google may effectively ignore it entirely, making it largely invisible to the world. Luckily, we won't be the first people that have had to deal with problems like this. There are a number of very good tools for the job, so right now we're investigating them to see which one will be the best fit for the job.

So yeah, things should be getting a bit busier for me, but I am definitely looking forward to it.