Day 92 - Catching up

So I've neglected my writing for a while, but I have a fairly good excuse! About eight weeks ago I ended up getting a rather uncomfortable back injury. I immediately started seeing a Chiropractor to resolve it, but it seems like my injury--while initially centered on my back--has cascaded into a couple other areas.

After an errant disc was put back in place and ceased being a pain point, it became clear that my hamstrings were now incredibly tight. This isn't too uncommon though. When you have any kind of injury, the surrounding muscles will do their best to stabilize the injured area to minimize the amount of pain it generates. However, when that happens, the muscles might overcompensate and in turn become injured themselves. This is precisely what happened in my case.

I'm almost completely recovered now, I just have one last problem area left in my right leg. It's actually a muscle group that I had never heard of before my injury. It's referred to as the IT Band. It seems that injuring them is relatively common for both runners and cyclists. My assumption is that my recent adventures in riding my bicycle to work have uncovered an issue that I wouldn't have been aware of otherwise. Even though my legs felt pretty strong, the stabilizing muscles were probably woefully out of shape, and thusly vulnerable to injury.

It's definitely annoying though. One of my goals when moving to Dallas was to take better care of my body. I've been riding my bike, walking more, and was imminently due to start taking Yoga classes (there's a studio next door to the office). Unfortunately my injury struck a little too soon, before my plans could take full effect.

I'm still seeing my Chiropractor and Massage Therapist every week to try and help my recovery along. It seems that most of the work will need to be done on my own time, as my treatments won't focus on strengthening those muscles. I do think that things are moving along pretty well though. This week I've had a lot less pain when rolling out of bed (twisting motions are definitely the most painful). Here's hoping that trend continues!

And it's not all clouds and sadness. I've gotten far enough along in my recovery that I can sit fairly comfortably again. For many of the past few weeks I would spend most of my time after work just laying down so as to avoid as much discomfort as possible. Relaxing definitely helped a bit, but it did put a bit of a damper on my extracurriculars.

Which brings me back to today. I can now comfortably get back to this blogging thing. I've spent a little time over the holiday weekend writing up all of the posts on subjects I had wanted to write during the past weeks I've been sidelined. They've all been drafted and are ready to go live with the click of a button. Tomorrow I'll start publishing them one a day until those are spent, which should last the week. After that I'll try and get back into a weekly rhythm.